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James Isaac

About James

I've been passionate about creating things from a young age. I started teaching myself the skills required to make computer games at the age of 11, and since then my creative interests have expanded to areas including photography, video production, freerunning, entrepreneurship and web development.

I generally try to be reflective about the direction I'm taking my life, and mindful about where I'm spending my time. Whether I'm creating something new, reading and learning, going on an adventure, or improving my fitness, in general I like to be productive, and try to steer myself away from over-indulging in consumption and instant-gratification.

The primary philosophy I live by is to try and make a positive change in the world, but I've got quite a bit of self-improvement and learning to go before I'll be in a position where I feel I can make a big impact. In the mean time, anyone whom I can inspire with a photo, or whose life I can improve by creating a useful website, is a small step on that journey.

I am currently running M10c, a software design and development agency. I also have some of my own projetcs, such as Nach - a goal-setting and productivity platform, which aims to be a more advanced and feature-rich offering than others on the market.

You can keep up with my activities via Twitter, or any of the other social networks linked to at the top of the page. If you're interested by something you've seen on this site, or want to get in contact for any other reason, send me an email!