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Slowing Down Time

Is it possible to slow down time? What would appear different to an observer if you could? Probably your internal thought speed relative to passing time, the amount you can get done in a fixed period, and your reaction speed. But, aren't these all things which can be achieved already?

In the same way that you can teach yourself to speed-read by avoiding subvocalising (reading the words out loud in your head), would it be possible to speed up your thought process by changing the way your internal monologue works? After all, the fact that it's English, and the speed English is spoken, are both somewhat arbitrary.

There are some aspects of life - mostly interacting with other people or systems - that are fixed. When talking to someone, you can't speak much faster without becoming incomprehendible.

But when executing something alone, what is the speed limit? Is there one at all, or, until we hit the limits of physics/biology, are we just artificially limiting ourselves by carrying out actions at the speed we see others performing them (a pattern of learning by imitation that we've grown up with) without questioning what the real limits are?